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If you do not know what you need right now here is a link to a blog that explains the differences in professional development services such as: Coaching, Mentoring and Professional Supervision. 


Professional Coaching

Coaching is a process, a series of thoughtful conversations, which give you the opportunity to examine what you do and how you do it. It helps you think things through, make discoveries, explore options, and then plan for growth. In short, coaching is about change, and being bespoke to you and your needs, is one of the most effective forms of professional development available.  Coaching always starts with you and where you’re at; and I can coach from any of the five starting places noted on the home page.

For more about coaching, click here.


Leadership Supervision or Mentoring

Whilst still bespoke to you and your needs, the learning during supervision or mentoring sessions is much more co-created. You get to draw on expertise, guidance and insights from Ruth’s journey as a leader and practitioner in the not for profit sector, as you develop your own.

Value Enrichment

Life (including work) is good but perhaps it feels like something is missing.

According to Dr Steven C Hayes, “Values are an inexhaustible source of motivation—inexhaustible because they are qualities intrinsic to being and doing. They are visible only through their enactments. They’re adverbs, or adjectives, or verbs… Because they are chosen qualities of actions, they can never be fully achieved, only embraced and shown. Nevertheless, they give life direction, help us persist through difficulties. They nudge us, invite us, and draw us forward.”

Going through a one-on-one learning process to identify and articulate your values, and then live life powerfully from these as the basis for all that you do, is one approach to making each moment of each day count in a deeply meaningful way.

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