Grow, improve, succeed

Welcome to Artisanal


Where we’re all “in the making”: growing, improving and getting better at who we are and what we do.

As people, and as organisations, we’re all a bit the same and we’re all a bit unique.  So Artisanal provides bespoke facilitation, coaching, consulting and change management to make who you are and what you do, new, better, more effective and more powerful.

We are a consultancy bringing strategic growth and empowering change to leaders, not for profits and other organisations.

Your mission is about improving the lives of others;
our mission is about supporting you to get into the best form to achieve this.


Improving what you do.

Develop and grow new skills in areas pertinent to the project, work portfolio or organisation.


Improving how you do it.

Manage yourself in your role/s, gain insight, be proactive, and resolve challenge points.


Improving yourself.

Understand yourself and your needs better, bring congruence between who you are and what you do.


Improving your future.

Turn your aspirations and dreams into reality, by scoping your preferred future and taking the necessary steps toward it.


Improving your relationships with others.

Develop the mindset, heartset and skillset to effectively lead and manage within a not for profit context.

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